Formula for Film Making - this is a secret. Yahooo

Are you new to film making? are you trying to get into film making? you have to learn this formula.

The films around us is based on 2 formulas. If the sentence 'for every action there will be equal and opposite reaction' is true then the formula for film making is also true.

2 type of Cinemas.
Commercial Cinema and Art Cinema.
2 formulas.
One if CCF and second is ACF
Two Different Industries - 1, India. 2, Others

CCFI / Commercial Cinema Formula - India:
Roaring BGM
Colorful title board
Few Smash Cuts
Hero introduction Scene
5 Songs minimum (Any Hindi, Tamil and Telugu movie)
* if this is a Hindi movie
Two piece dress for Actresses - as a part of cost-cutting (Eg: Dhoom, Dhoom 2, Tashaan etc)
Few actors and actresses in guest role (Eg: Om Shanti Om.)
Should be a xerox copy of some other language movies (Eg: Knock Out, Baazigar, Kampakth Ishq..)
* if this is a Tamil / Telugu movie
3 to 5 action sequences (Eg: Any recent Vijay / Ajith / Suriya / Prabhas, Mahesh babu movies)
* if this is a Kannada
should be a remake of Tamil or Telugu movies (Eg: Ullasa Usthaha, Cheluvina Chittara..)
* if this is a Malayalam
remake is not affordable so better to copy (Eg: Cocktail, Vandanam, Vettam)
copy from Tamil and Telugu if the actor is a super star (Eg: Pokkiri Raja)

ACFI: Art Cinema Formula - India
Slow narration
Should contain one or more mentally or physically challanged characters
Good to have the lead character to be mentally or physically disabled
A character of a prostitute should be included
Should be little confusing (the more confusing the more respects comes)
Story can be fast or slow but the scenes should be long enough to test the patience of the viewers.
(this formula is used around the world).

Do you think you need Eg for ACFI? No I don't think. I was trying to get the formula.. It took so many years to get this, it was actually easy but I searched somewhere else so i missed the points. All I did was to watch One each Biggest Hit movies from each language, and one each most award winning movies.