Movies - made me feel for, sad, cry and moving

These are few movies which made me feel for, just want to keep a track of it :) Awk. 

1. I Am Sam: (English) - A mentally retarded man's fight for the custody of his 8 year old daughterA commanding expressively charged movie.
2. Thaniyavarthanam (Malayalam) - Is a story of a schoolteacher who gets labeled as a mentally challenged, harmful person for no reason. The movie shows how a man can changed to the likes of the society around him.

3. The Pursuit of Happyness (English) - Chris Gardner is struggling in life to live up his tax expenses and other things. His wife now leaves him with his son. Chris will do what ever it takes to pay his expenses and to get a new job. The movie is very inspiring and a chapter of its own for being human in this world.
4. Hachi: A Dog's Tale (English) - Story of a college professor's bond with the abandoned dog he takes into his home.
5. The way home (Korean) - The movie is about the commitment, love and care of a grandmother who is sick, old, and weak to her grandson.
6. Kireedam (Malayalam) - The film is about a middle class youth, whose hope, aims and happiness are shattered by fate. Is definitely one of the best movies to come from India.
7. The Railway Children (English) - This is as a film for grownups as much as this is for children. This movie will bring back so many beautiful memories from our childhood.
8. Swathi Muthyam (Telugu) - Greatest movies to come from India and one of the rare movie from India to inspire many foreign language movies as well. The movie touches your heart mainly because it has shown the beauty of relationships in the best beautiful way you will ever dream of, you wished to have.
9. Children of Heaven (Iranian) - a beautiful episode taken from our life when we were kids, story of a boy and his sister. A must see for any genre fans, a must see for everybody who is willing to learn more about script writing and movie direction.
10. Mother and Child (English) - This is a special movie. This film shows the loss, pain and feel caused by the separation of a mother and a child. 


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