Images which tells hundred stories : Hey Ram (2000). Few images which are brilliantly inserted in between.

No other movie of this genre in any industry had an effect on me like this movie. Awesome.
As many of the viewers who watched it in theater, myself too was confused and didn’t find it interesting. My age was 17 at the time of its release. Then I watched it again after few years – I felt the movie as a good one, watched in again 10 years after its actual release – the movie just mesmerized me and now I rate it as one of the greatest movie I had ever seen. The reason behind it was simple – ‘Hey Ram’ was way ahead of its time.
Movie: Hey Ram, Written and directed by Kamal Haasan
Released year: 2000
Language: Tamil and Hindi
My Complete review - Hey Ram

Few images which are unavoidably gloriously inserted in between.
1. Image of blind girl
  • 2. Saket Ram and Mythili falling from a very high space
  • 3. Images with lotus, swastika and various religous symbols

  • 4. Saket Ram standing against a powerful wind, holding a gun
  • 5. Saket Ram feeling his wife on his laps as a big gun.

9. Present day is shown in Black and White, and flash back in Color. The (Flame) color used for fire only as an image to remind us of the dark ages of Indian civil war

10. And the finale sequences inside Saket Ram’s room, the background score ‘Hey Ram..’ and a person opening the window pieces (designed 'Mahatma Gandhi' on it), to let the light inside.


My Complete review - Hey Ram