Endhiran / Robot (A Review)

Endhiran / Robot
Language: Tamil
Dubbed Language: Hindi, Telugu
Direction: S. Shankar
Starring: Rajini Kanth, Aiswariya Rai, Danny
Music: A R Rahman
Country: India

My Personal View : From yesterday, 30th Sept 2010 I started getting a lot of mails and Messages from friends all over world and my expectations got very high, than any other Rajini Movies. Actually I never expect anything from Rajini Movies, I watch his movies for him. But this time It was entirely different, I
expected a lot from Shankar and Team, It increased every minute since last one year, after the release of the trailer, after the press meet of Shankar, after the Audio release and at last after the small review in Indiaglitz.com which was updated on 30th Sept 2010, Evening. I didn't searched for any reviews today, long before, I was expecting to watch this movie in Tamil Nadu, along with his fans but could'n happen. I just went to the theater near by, ticket was on 30th Sept 2010. watched along with my friends. I was laughing almost all the time in the First half, and Second half 5 or 15 Minutes of dragging (No Comedy + back to back 2 Songs) then movie slowly gears up to the top gear and a roaring final 1 Hour. I was literally forgetting Rajini (My Favorite Hero) I was wondering about Shankar, the Director, what a movie he had given? His caring is evident in every scene. This is not going to be my favorite movie, but Rajini and Shankar will remain as my favorite actor and Director respectively.


Plot: Vaseegaran is a Scientist who was in a dream to create a Robot (Humanoid) and Robot which can be used for Army Purpose and he Creates a Robo - named Chitti  but rejected for approval by AIRD stating the Robo doesn't have any feeling to understand whats good and whats bad. And Vaseegaran modifies the Robo in such a way that it can feel like a Human. Chitti falls in Love with Vaseegaran's love interest Sana (Aiswariya Rai). Rest - is something you have to see to in your eyes to believe. Its more than even Vaseegaran's Control. "Vilaivukal Karpanaikku Appaarpattathu".

Rajini Kanth: Magic: Whats Magic? Its a Power to make you sit and watch a Person, what he is doing and here, it is... Its Sheer magic of Rajini. He had given us a Completely new Indian film. This Movie will prove in all ways, who is the super star of India.

Endhrian: You would have heard about Western Style, Western Movie etc.. Now, here after there is one more, That is Eastern, its Eastern Style, the RAJINI Style. Rajini and Shankar will always be remembered as the persons responsible for making a movie that will literally reduce the gap between Hollywood and Indian movies. They are responsible for the giant step Tamil film industry had taken.
Endhiran is Indian and is Desi meets western and let we call the new genre of film making as Eastern.
The highlight of the Endhrian is its Special Effects, that you can match this movie with any Hollywood movies. Yes this movie is - perhaps the first Indian Science Fiction movie which is successful and high in Special EFX. Here all Spidar Man, Hancock, Hulk, Superman become one man and its amazing that for the first time we are going to accept an Indian Desi Hancock. Its hard to identify Special Efx used in most of the Scenes. The Special Efx in the last 45 Minutes is breath taking and very creative, not taken or inspired from any Hollywood movies like Blade or I Robot or Spider Man or Hancock. He had introduced a new Genre and which is going to be repeated in the future, this movie is going to inspire many and many Future Indian film Directors.

The Movie is Big, Grand and Explosive. Final 15 or 20 Minutes will keep you at the edge of your seat. You will witness the greatest ever SP EFX Indian Movie or even Asian movie.

Rajini is the only Super Star and no one can match is charisma. He had done it again. For him, Winning is not his aim but Hobby. He proves it with each of his movie. His Performance as Chitti is superb and cute in the first half and Bold and Stylish in the Second. He will make you to talk about him even after the movie. Waow.. He will remain as the greatest entertainer from India, he is mesmerizing as Robo / Endhiran / Chitti. Rajini will set the screen on Fire, its extraordinary. You will scream laughing for his Comedy one liners in the First Half.
Aiswariya Rai - Its hard to believe that she is married when making this movie and about her age. She is as beautiful as she was in 2000 and a perfect choice for the biggest movie of the India's Biggest Star.

Ho, The God or the Creator of the movie: S Shankar. I have to say this, Endhiran is more a Shankar movie than a Rajini Movie. This movie doesn't as good story as his Indian or Mudhalvan or so powerful dialoges as his Anniyan or Gentleman but this is more entertaining than all his previous movies and of course this movie will match any Hollywood in production standard. We have a S. Spielberg in India, and Yes, his name is S. Shankar. Already down South, he is called as Indian Spielberg.
This is not the Best Tamil movie but definitely this is a Great movie in terms of the effects this movie is going to make in respect to the Business, Marketing and Technology.
Have you ever seen some robots walking in IT Highway, Chennai, have you ever seen any movie a Car Chase in and around Chennai City, but you would have seen a lot of car chases and bomb blasts in very familiar New York City and this movie its everything happening in the Chennai City Roads which we are very much familiar. His love and respect with Chennai and his motive to take our Film Industry to a step ahead is very much evident right from his first movie 'Gentleman'. S Shankar and Maniratnam are the best directors in Tamil Film Industry and are two of the top 5 Directors in India, they proved that earlier and proving again. After watching this movie My respect towards S Shankar had increased a Mile atleast. Nobody had tried this before.
When Rajini act just as another Actor, its everything with Shankar who had molded and created a New Rajini. Shankar tried with Rajini's Style in Sivaji and now had given a new and old Rajini in One Movie. With this movie though Rajini's popularity will increase and his power among masses will remain the same but S Shankar had gone many steps ahead than his previous all movies. He took his time to prepare the script, he took his time to develop the movie, and his had given a Great Ground Breaking Movie all in all. He is very clear in the aspect that 'what he have to present' and he had presented in the best possible way. He had given more than the expectations.
Eg: Its shown as the Robo jumping from one point to another to climb a Building, he is shown as standing in Horizontal direction, and few peoples near to me was murmuring. If you notice the scene you can find out that Robo is jumping from one Iron Metal to another, he is shown standing in the Horizontal direction only on a metal and not anywhere in Wood or Mud - its sheer Magnetic Effect / power of the Robo.
Dialogs: Dialoges are very good and easy to understand for anybody. Its simple and convey the message easily.
Person 1: Do God Exist?
Robo: What you mean by GOD?
Person 1: Our Creator.
Robo: Then, Yes, (Pointing Vaseegaran) he is my God, my Creator.
A R Rahman's music, in particular the BGM (Arima Arima Music and Puthiya Manitha Theme Music) will hit you like storm. And the songs 'Kilimanjaro' with the help of Stunning visuals is the best song when in theater. and 'Kadhal Anukkal' will rise to the top of all Music TOP TEN Lists in the coming weeks. and the Camera of Rathnavel is stunning and fabulous.
Yes, there are Minuses: Immediate editing needed in the Second half around 2 Minutes where CHITTI talks with some mosquitoes. Then the Character of Sandanam and Karunas just vanishes when the Chitti becomes bad, and their names are not mentioned even though they are also the reasons for Chitti to become bad. Urgent editing needed for a 10 Minutes in the second half.
What a treat for his fans? and for all those who ever wondered about Rajini! Watch this movie and understand why he is the Super Star. Yes There might be Kamal Hasan, Mohanlal, Mammoty, and Aamir Khan, and there might be Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan but there is only one Super Star - his name is Rajini Kanth. If you have doubts, just watch the movie in theater.
On the whole: The movie is going to break all kind of Indian box office records. The movie has everything, whatever the team had promised before. Great achievement by SUN Pictures and S Shankar. Look out for the Final 20 Minutes, the Magnetic EFX, the Giant ROBO, The Snake, Rajini's Dialoges and his Face expressions in the last quarter.
This movie is not a Masterpiece but is Path Breaking with its breath Taking Visuals. The film is a Visual Treat and technically way ahead of any Indian Movies.
India's answer to Terminator, I'Robot, Iron Man, Spider Man and Hulk. So they have Avatar (Which is said to be in the discussion  table for more than 10 Years), yes we have Endhrian (the Script completed on 2001 and its 10th Year on Making).
Watching it with Rajini fans was an unforgettable ride.
Path Breaking and Entertainment at its Peak.
Rating: 4.25 / 5