Few important issues discussed in the film, E. Thought-Provoking.

Film Title: E (Tamil) / Mosquito (English translation)
Story, script and direction by S. P. Jhananathan
Language: Tamil, India
Tags: Bio-War, Viruses, Medicines

The film starts with few notes from our recent past and presented like random radio/tv news.

During World War II, deadly viruses were cultured in research centers, and were stored in small bottles. These bottles were then dropped from planes, in the enemy’s territory and millions perished. In the name of high yield in agriculture using DNA research, genetic engineered cotton seeds were used in Andhra Pradesh. Nearly 1500 goats fed on these leaves died.  Any cultivated from those lands turned poisonous.
Medicine costing Rs. 2 is sold at Rs. 100.
Is a foreign pharmaceutical company involved in the Bird-Flu rumor? Deadly virus killed 190 children died within a period of 6 months in Utter Pradesh.
In Thennalankudi Village near Seerkazhi, hundreds of goats died afflicted with Anthrax virus.
To make children bag on streets, doctors are paid Rs. 10000 to amputate their limbs.
Agents were hired to lure patients and operations were performed by Aslam Baba in open air. Action was taken against him says health minister Dr. Anbumani.
In Culcutta, furious over sharing the family’s wealth, Vinayan killed his brother Amaran by injecting him Plague virus which was stolen from a research centre. Kolkatta court sentenced him to life.
Charminar in Hyderabad was built by the king Mohammed Quli Qutubshah in the year 1931 as a memorial to eradicate plague.
Medical research on humans by foreign countries will involve 2 million Indian by 2010.
The title sequence ends with the following sentence.
India should not join the rat race in Biological weapons.

Few dialogues in the film points many of deadly incidents happened and which can happen in near future.
Dialog 1: 'The new medicine I made using few banned formulas. This medicine will damage your immune system, and helps the growth of virus, and will directly reach the heart resulting in instant death. We can wipe out an entire nation spreading it through mosquitoes'
Dialog 1: 'If there’s a new disease outbreak, how to find a medicine to it? Finding the disease and the virus, and are given to rat, dog, cat, pigs etc… and if the medicine is success with them, it is then tried on monkeys, after monkeys? People of poor nations all over the world, more so it is tested on illiterate and ignorant people living in slums.  Only after that only medicine production and marketing happens. Do you know that medical business is the most profitable business?
Dialog 3: US president Bill Clinton in 1997 openly asked an apology for the excesses on behalf of the Government when hundreds of Black African people died because of Syphilis research, which was used on the innocent people.
Dialog 4: In Britain Manchester University paid 500 Dollars to every student for taking tablets made of insecticides, and used them for a research.
Dialog 5: Politics is a war without shedding blood. War is politics with bloodshed.
Dialog 6: Now, medicine and virus are the most dangerous weapons than atom bombs and that’s the most profitable business around the world. It can destroy our generation. Even the local rowdies can spray the viruses on our innocent people.

Real life incidents referred in the film at various points.

The Tuskegee syphilis experiment  (1932-1972, Tuskegee, Alabama): This experiment was a medical study conducted by the U.S. Public Health Service to find the natural sequences of unprocessed syphilis in rural black men by making them believe that they were receiving a free health care from the U.S. government.
Various conspiracy theories have been in a topic of news about the origins of HIV, AIDS, Anthrax etc… For example: There was a claim few years ago that ‘AIDS is a biological weapon manufactured by the developed world to wipe out the black race’.

"I have no idea who created AIDS and whether it is a biological agent or not. But I do know things like that don't come from the moon. I guess there is some truth that must not be too exposed" Environmental activist Wangari Maathai (Nobel Peace Prize Winner)

Bio-war / Biological warfare: The use of bacteria, viruses etc... for the destruction of humans, animals etc…

1948 Israel War of Independence, International Red Cross reports about their doubt that the Jewish Haganah militia had freed Salmonella typhi microorganisms into the water supply for the city of Acre, which caused an eruption of typhoid among the population.
In 1943, German forces flooded The Pontine Marshes to reintroduce Malaria to the area after their Allied invasion at Anzio. Around 100,000 cases of the disease were said to be reported in the region. Soon, German forces even suspended medical care to the people.

Misc. dialogs from the film

E (played by Jiiva): Do we take birth just to love, eat and die?


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