Inception: A dream in a dream in a dream. What should we know to enjoy Inception?

‘If you’re going to perform inception, you need imagination.’

Definitely, Inception is not a film that confuses you but you just need a little-extra-attention over the happenings out-there.

‘Dreams feel real while we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.’

What is the highlight of inception? No, it’s not the astounding soundtrack, no, it’s not the spectacular visual effects, no, it’s not the perfect star cast but it is the narrative structure of the film, it is the script which holds and takes everything to a much higher level than any other film of similar genre has done. Interactions between the characters are to be well grasped to get the full of the film. The rules of the ‘dreams’ are not explained as a lecture but through few interactions between characters at various interval of time, for example:

1.    ‘In a dream, your mind functions more quickly therefore time seems to feel more slow. ‘
2.    ‘Five minutes in the real world gives you an hour in the dream.’
3.    ‘Never re-create places from your memory. Always imagine new places.’
4.    ‘Building a dream from your memory is the easiest way to lose your grasp on what’s real and what is dream.’
5.    ‘When you look at your totem, you know beyond a doubt that you’re not in someone else’s dream.’

·         Dying in the dream will wake you up in real.
·         Time difference: Moving deeper into the dream, faster the imagination gets. (Example: The climax scene)
Can create n number of loops
Climax levels:
A flight from Sydney to LA. (Real)
Arthur rigs the elevator. (Dream – first layer)
The soldiers break into the snow citadel. (Dream – second layer)
The van falling off the bridge. (Dream – third layer)

Few points to note:
Mal: Is married to Cobb, but is no more.
Mal - is involved in all his previous practices.

Our dream is effected by few things outside the dream, example: when we are falling from our bed our dream drastically changes to something similar like falling from a building or from a top of a hill etc… The disturbance in the real life such as somebody spraying water effects our dream and changes it to something like raining or something related to water hitting our body inside the dream.
The deeper your sleep is the harder to wake you up, real life example for the same is ‘going to bathroom’ physically without actually waking up. A dream inside a dream will take you to deeper sleep which takes you away from reality.

What is the meaning of?
Inception: Inserting an idea in someone’s brain by entering into the dreams.
Projection: A character created by the subconscious mind of the person who’s subliminal is in fact brought into the dream.
Limbo: A limbo is a place where the dreamers drop in if they go too deep, is a dream space which is unconstructed.
Kick: Kick is used to wake up the dreamer from his/her dream, if he is inside more than one level of dream; it needs separate kick inside each level of dreams.

Characterization is another classy part of the script, each of the character has a personality that shows their role in the film, and each and every character has some duty throughout the film, no character is added for the sake of a scene but is related to some other thing.
The film definitely deserves repeat viewing, that’s exactly what I am doing. There's something new every time. Once the film ends, you'll want to watch it again.

Issue with the film is the amount of knowledge a viewer need, to understand the whole concept.

For me: Inception has to be one of the most honest films ever made, one of the most stimulating and thought-provoking films. Mind - boggling.

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Film: Inception
Written and Directed by Christopher Nolan
Language: English