Rakta Charitra 1 - A History written in BLOOD.

Review: Raktha Charitra
Movie: Rakhta Charitra Part 1
Direction: Ram Gopal Varma
Language: Telugu
Release: Oct 2010
One Word: Terrific.
Plot:- The story is taken from few real life Incidents. - It is credited as Fiction and yes because there are few changes from the real life incidents.
* This is a Telugu Language movie with most of main actors are from other languages.
* This is a Two PART movies, and This film is the First Part.
Performance: The star cast is perfect, Kota Srinivasa Rao is superb as Nagamani Reddy. Shatrugansinha as Sivaji is very good and the character itself resembles 'NTR'. Abhimany Shekar Sing in the role of Bukka is terrific, its very thrilling to see his expressions when he kills somebody. He will make an impact in your Mind.
and now, Vivek Oberoi - RGV has to be appreciated. His casting in near to perfect, When watching Vivek Oberoi, we see 'Pratab Ravi', as the son who takes revenge for his father's murder. What a performance he had given. Its simply superb.
Music: BGM is by Dharam Sandeep. Few background Songs are there while they avoided songs for the lead actors which was a good thought. Ram Gopal Varma had always gave importance to the music / mainly BGM of the movie. It repeated here, BGM is superb. Usage of slokas praising Lord Siva during the action scenes will make viewers to reach the the feel the Director want to. Most of the time, it had used a devotional music for the action/violence.
Cinematography: His name is Amol Rathod. Just one word, Fantastic. You will take notice of the camera angels, its different from usual. The mixed color (White and Black), tint color used in the violence scenes to give the intense look and feel is excellent.
Stunt: This is not a usual Telugu movie. The action scenes are very bold and not something like one person hits and other persons goes for boundary. But what we see here is cutting of throat, taking out what is inside stomach. Some times its very natural and sometimes you will feel that 'how can person can do something like that in real life' still you knew you had read these kind of news in daily papers.
Screenplay and Story : Screenplay, a lot of care needed for this kind of movie. Viewers should not loose interest in the first part, its a gambling. Here it is very good. Though this is a predictable story, viewers who are interested to see what they know will get interested and entertained. The story is pure revenge but still not an old style of  revenge. Its a Bio-Fiction. The story is something you should know, this is a very real story, very near to real story happened in some part of India in the near past.
Direction: We call him, RGV. This is one of the best and bold attempt though not as successful as Company, still he had handled exceptionally well. He really deserves respect, the way he had presented it. Though story is different, at times reminds us of Satya, Company, Sarkar etc may be because of the Camera Angle, the presentation is similar.
RGV, we can feel his passion for film making. Very rarely does in India, somebody comes up with a movie about a Real Life personality, and almost all the time they had given us an above average movie. Eg: Company, Nayagan, Sarkar, Gandhi, Iruvar,  Legend of Bhagat Singh etc..
Part 1: The raise of Pratap Ravi is explained at the same time we hear a lot about a person who is the reason behind the fall of Pratap, and here is the lead to the Part 2. Thats a very different Idea and good indeed.
- he had given a movie which is not for soft heart, not for kids, not for family and not for masala movie fans.
Minuses: At times, it seems like a Documentary. The story is told in the voice of 'RGV' itself, the sound is not catching but 'had shown a very good voice modulation', still should have given to somebody else. The glory of Violence will keep the Family viewers and Kids away from theater. And people who are the fans of movies like Brindavanam, Khaleja will be also missing. The film is exceptionally good to the Targeted viewers and very bad for others.
* Since most of the main characters are done by other language actors, the lip movements are struggling and often give a feeling of a Dubbing movement.
* At times there are few lip movements without any sound, in addition to the censor board editing.
Overall: The story moves slowly in the first half, you will witness few of the most drastic and terrific scenes in an Indian movie and second is very thrilling, where number murder is reduced and the politics takes the key. The Part 2 is expected to release on 19th Nov, 2010. It shows the director, who want to give the second part  before the viewer forget the part 1. You will come of the theater with a feeling as if you had just watched a person's real life very closely.
Though, violence takes an important part, its shown in a very artistic manner (At Times) and many scenes symbolic many other real life Incident.
Point: Vivek Dominates first part along with Shatrugansinha, Abhimany. I expect, Part 2 is a Suriya movie with Sudeep. The characters are introduced in the first Part itself, and will see another side of the same story.
Lookout: Post Interval, Scenes between Shatrugansinha and Vivek. Most splendid scene - Suriya's Introduction.
Tagline: Hats of to RGV for his Passion, Sincerity and love for Film Making.
Warning: This movie is for all viewers who want to see what they had learned from news papers and TV news, is for all viewers who is interested in Bold visuals, even darker violence.
Glorifying Violence, Dark side of the politics 
Rating: 4.25 / 5