Saagara Sangamam / Salagai Oli : A beautiful and divine dance.

Movie: Saagara Sangamam (Telugu) / Salagai Oli (Tamil)
Directed by K Vishwanath
Music: Ilayaraja
Cast: Kamal Haasan, Sharath Babu, Jayaprada, Geetha
Release: 1983, June 3rd
Language: Telugu, India

Sagara Sangamam' is the story of classical dancer Balakrishna.

Balakrishna is a classical dancer from a lower middle class family. He is well versed in various forms of dance such as Bharata natyam, Kathakali, Kuzhupudi etc. He wishes to perform in an all India dance program.  Then he meets Madhavi who helps him to fulfill his dreams. His mother passes away. He gets closer to Madhavi and just when he decides to propose her he finds that she is a married woman and that her life partner had left her. Her husband comes back, and Balakrishna leaves his love and moves away. His friend is the only person whom he is close to all these years.
Frequent failures in his life change him a drunkard. Years went past and at a very crucial moment his separated much-loved, woman of his life comes back to him knowing his current situation.

'Sagara Sangamam' is referred to the point of a river joins the sea. It symbolically represents many things in our life such as the re-union of love or fortune.
Sagara sangamam is a special movie which had inspired a lot of other movies released later. The movie is packed with poetic loveliness and it attracts the viewers completely. Its speciality is the legitimacy and unfussiness that the movie shows.
Performance: Kamal Haasan as Balakrishna is as good as any other actor in the world. And his dance performance is excellent and unimaginable to think of any other actor at his place. Some characters are born for some special actor and this is one such character. It’s graceful to watch his dance; everything is special with this movie. Jayapradha as Madhavi is her career best performance. Is the same with Sharath Babu.
Best Scene:
• The railway station scene when Madhavi leaves with her husband. The very scene is the most touching among the list of many classic scenes. Look at Kamal Haasan's face. Awesome.
• Friendship of Kamal Haasan and Sharath Babu
• Love episode of Balakrishna and Madhavi
• Balakrishna’s love with dance
• Mother-son relationship
Direction: K. Vishwanath spells it all, his perfection well know. Take a list of 20 greatest Telugu movies, and there you see at-least 10 movies directed by K Vishwanath. He had shown friendship, love and respect at the most beautiful possible way.
Director’s touch
• When Madhavi opens the suitcase of Balakrishna and finds her marriage photo pasted there.
Music: Maestro Ilayaraja, the music of the movie is just eternal, divine. It reaches right into viewer’s heart.
* Ilayaraja won the National Award for the Best Music director award.
* SP Balasubramaniam won the National Award for the Best Male playback singer.
First 30 minutes – tries to attract you, second 30 minutes – will engage you with the story, the rest of the film will grow inside you.
‘Guru Brahma… Guru Vishnu… Guru Devo Maheshwara
Guru Sakshat Param Brahma Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah..’
A beautiful, divine dance
Rating: 4.5 / 5