Traffic (Malayalam): Unexpected and Brilliant

Traffic (Malayalam) 2011
Written by Bobby - Sanjay, Directed by Rajesh R Pillai
Cast: Sreenivasan, Vineeth, Kunchako Boban, Rahman, Anoop Menon, Sandhya, Remya
Music: Sejo John, Cinematography: Shyju Khalid
Plot: 4 absolute strangers.. 4 different situations … One incident.. changes their lives forever.
* One incident in the movie reminds me of an incident happened in Chennai around two years back.
An ambulance with a 'heart' have to pass the heavy traffic Chennai road within few minutes to reach another hospital in order to save a person. With the help of the Chennai Police Department the young guy was later saved. (Kindly excuse me, I don't recollect the exact incident)
Review: Thanks to the team, because this movie came just when the 'hope' for a good Malayalam movie was far from reality. I expected a good movie, because I had very good respect for the writers of 'Notebook' (my favorite in recent times). This movie not only was good, but a brilliant one. Malayalam cinema had entered 2011 with a terrific movie. I usually comes out of theater for a Malayalam cinema with disappointment, but this was different. This 'Traffic' is a very honest attempt, near to perfect movie. A must watch for Malayalam cine fans.
Writer: Bobby and Sanjay: Its crystal clear that they had seen movies like 'Amores Perros', 'Crash' and 'Babel' but its only inspired and not a scene is copied from any of the similar movies. The script is perfect. It had become a very difficult thing to watch a perfect script in Malayalam movie with least number of loose ends and this is one such movie. Many scenes will touch, stay and grow in your heart. Few of the twists are just outstanding and 90% of the scenes are very engaging.
Editing and Cinematography: Is top class, the movie is just near to 2 hours. The pace of the movie will hold you to relax. A rare phenomenon in Malayalam cinema. Visuals by Shyju Khalid is also exceptionally good.
Background Music: Is A-class, the music just increased the quality of the visuals.
Direction: Rajesh Pillai, After a horrible debut with 'Hridayathil Sookshikkaan', the directer had took his time to select the best available print. The wait is no waste of time.
Main problem I noticed in recent Malayalam cinema is 'inclusion of unnecessary characters', but there is not a single character unnoticed here. Each character have their part to do.
Minuses: Yes, this movie is not a masterpiece, there are scenes which we feel 'could have been better'. And the connection with 'Pulp Fiction', 'Amores Perros' and 'Crash' cannot be avoided. But the similarity ends with main theme 'Few strangers, different situations, one incident'. And the one incident is 'accident' in all the cases.
Leaving all other movies of similar genre, still the resemblance with 'Amores Perros' cannot be avoided.
* The accident
* One story on extramarital affair
Overall: This is one of the best written script in Malayalam cinema in past 15 years. A must watch, a rare attempt in Indian cinema.
A Remarkable 'Traffic'
Rating: 4.25 / 5