Ee Adutha Kaalathu (2012): Thoughtful, edgy and appealing, overall a must-see film. 4/5

Ee Adutha Kaalathu (Review)
Script: Murali Gopi
Direction: Arun Kumar Aravind
Music: Gopi Sunder
Cinematography: Shehnad Jalaal
Language: Malayalam
Release: 2012
‘Life is like a Rubik's cube’
A multi parallel story script is not so easy to handle but rarely had I seen any bad movie in similar genre in any industry.
Immensely disconnected lives crash in entwining stories of pursuit, salvation and happiness.
Story 1: A serial killer who hunts those who are staying alone.
Story 2: A well trained police officer trying to make a good name in the department.
Story 3: A failed married-couple and their son.
Story 4: A rag picker and his family struggling hard to find end’s meat.
Story 5: A woman TV reporter who is against the concept of marriage.
And there are few sub-plots as well like: A young guy from North of India, a gangster, a reporter of a magazine etc…
The new-gen definitely is tuning Malayalam towards good cinema again. We have seen few different attempts from the younger generation in recent years like Traffic, Cocktail, Beautiful, Salt n Pepper, Second Show etc… This is yet another good movie.
What is the most impressive part, it is definitely the script!. By the end of the film, when you recollect the scenes you can see the brilliance of the writer. E.g.: Ajay’s anger towards Hindi (shown in the first 15 minutes) and the scene (in the last 15 minutes) in the coffee shop. Who is the writer - Murali Gopi. The same guy who played the role Ajay, brilliant is his script so is his performance. Murali Gopi shows how inspiration can bring a classy script out of nowhere. Few incidents do remind of other movies like Babel (2005) and Love Sex aur Dhoka (2010). The best part is the way he brought freshness to each of the story.
•    The open discussions about sex, impotency and affairs come as a surprise.
Noteworthy aspects of the script:
•    Characterization of the owner of Vishnu’s rented house.
•    Characterization of Ajay, his anti-Hindi attitude and his final scene.
•    Down-to-Earth characters and situations.
•    Moments just before interval, interval bang and few scenes post interval.
•    Second half moves with rapid speed, viewers get sucked to the situation.
Could have been better:
•    Few dramatic compromises towards the end.
Tanushri Ghosh and Indrajith are the pick among the team. Tanushri is impressive as Madhuri, the disturbed wife of a mentally inconsistent husband. Madhuri is the central character of the film around which all the other characters revolve and all others are pointed towards her in one way or another. Indrajith is terrific as Vishnu. His performance is very realistic and his body language is a big plus. His dialogs with Madhuri inside the car are a treat to watch. Murali Gopi as an eccentric mentally unstable rich business man fits the role to T. He is excellent when he shows his frustration towards everything around because of something happened to him few years back. Nishan, Jagathy, Lena, Biju etc… have did their part well. Mythili is excellent with her body language which has been completely transformed but could have been better in the emotional scenes with heavy dialogs.
I always wonder how Anoop Menon is able to be a part of most of the ‘good-movies’ of the recent years. He is very casual and natural as a police officer within the limits of the role. Anoop’s character is comparatively less performance oriented than other leads.
Technical front:
The direction is delicate, flawlessly paced and visualized. Cinematography is stylish, cool and apt. Best E.g.: 1, the long shots of junkyard. Editing is perfect. Music is yet another major asset of the film. I just forgot when actually a song played! it just moves along with the story. It is well placed, and presented neatly with a decent music. BGM is brilliant. Overall the film maintains a high-quality in all the departments.
This film comes with a packed emotional punch. Luminous script is impeccably performed. On a whole, its yet another original experiences to grace the screen in recent times..


  1. Am so happy to c good films coming out from youngsters!! Augurs well ...needs all the support ...and how is the other one..NIDRA???

  2. I'm yet to see Nidra, will update soon. Hearing good reports about that too.


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