Act of God – Oh My God

Oh My God (Hindi), directed by Umesh Shukla, is an official remake of the Australian film ‘The Man Who Sued God’. The basic plot of ‘The Man Who Sued God’ was mixed with a Gujarati play – ‘Kanji Virudh Kanji’. I recommend this movie. It is a must watch.
Just remembering a quote of Osho, while writing this - 'God has been a tremendous consolation, although it was a lie.'

To say about ‘Oh My God’ as a movie – this is my favorite movie of Akshay Kumar and is definitely his best performance too. Paresh Rawal is as good as always. The movie is all about a Lawsuit filed against God by an atheist for destroying his business and life. It all starts when Kanji (after his shop is destroyed due to Earth Quake) finds that his Insurance Policy does not cover any damage caused by natural calamities classified under ‘Act of God’. The movie is filled with dialogues which are truly moving, satirical and enigmatic to the core. And for your information: This movie is the reason why I couldn’t enjoy Hirani’s ‘PK’ much.

There is one popular Case Filed against the God in real life also

In the U.S., Nebraska State Senator filed a suit against God in 2008, seeking a permanent injunction against God's harmful activities. It was done ‘to publicize the issue of public access to the court system’. The suit was dismissed by the court stating that God could not be properly notified. The State Senator then responded - ‘The court itself acknowledges the existence of God. A consequence of that acknowledgement is recognition of God's omniscience. Since God knows everything, God has notice of this lawsuit.’ (Wiki)

You will understand what the movie is all about through five dialogues from it –

  • 1.      'Where there's religion, there's no place for honesty and where there is truth, you don't need religion'
  • 2.      ‘Temple people are saying, donate with faith and you will never be wronged. Insurance company is saying, pay your premium on time we are there in your troubled time. I paid premium and donations but when I am in trouble none of them are helping me’
  • 3.      ‘Never take the religion from the people. If you take them away, they will make you the religion’
  • 4.      ‘I want you to promise me that no one will ever a penny at any of the religious places’
  • 5.      ‘What are you looking for? Didn’t I say I am everywhere? I am pouring on the fields as rain and making nests along with the birds, I am also taking lunch with the ants down there.’
Now you would be knowing why I recommend this movie to everybody?! Yes, it is a must watch and a much needed movie. Being human. Anbe Sivam.

This movie reminded one famous statement of J. Krishnamurti - 'A man who believes in God can never find God. If you are open to reality, there can be no belief in reality. If you are open to the unknown, there can be no belief in it. After all, belief is a form of self-protection, and only a petty mind can believe in God.'

Note: When the original – ‘The Man Who Sued God’ was released in Australia, nobody created any issue nor there was complaints registered saying that this movie is hurting religious sentiments. But all these things happened in India when ‘Oh My God’ was released. (Interestingly, this was the message of this movie J)