Basic shot types when framing a human figure.

71 reasons why I am waiting for the audio release of Maniratnam – AR Rahman combo, Kadal.

Thuppakki - Smart, clever and fast-moving thriller with a mix of patriotism. A smashing movie. An intense ride.

Stalker (1979) Movie Review: A slow mesmerizing and enlightening journey from darkness to light.

My Short Films - Poster and Credits.

A Poem. A silent whisper... A set of misplaced thoughts.

Poem. angel from above. Another set of misplaced words.

22 Female Kottayam (Malayalam): Disturbing, Visceral and completely engrossing. Very well done for the most part.

3 (Tamil Movie Review): Journey of few down to earth characters through the extremes of life.

Ee Adutha Kaalathu (2012): Thoughtful, edgy and appealing, overall a must-see film. 4/5

Close-up Shots in Cinema. #FilmMaking

Basic notes to prepare before a shot. Film-Making.

Nanban (Review): A laugh riot, an emotional blackmail, a beautiful way to recollect our college lives.

I had no option, I was the option. Another set of misplaced words.

My Favorite Movie Posters.

A Prophet (2009): Fairly an enticing crime film, unquestionably commanding and absorbing.