I'm in Love with this Movie. OK Kanmani is a Cinematic Heaven!

***Spoilers are included***

I can’t keep myself away from thinking and writing about this Mani Ratnam movie even after third viewing. This movie might be giving unrealistic expectations about love & romance and it works as a time-machine for few, like meJ. I wish the romantic bit track is in the background while you read this.

One day, when you least expect, love will knock your door and you will realize that there is no way back. Mani Ratnam’s OK Kanmani is a lovable film that will leave you with a smile and a warm feeling. It's not just a story of ‘boy meets and starts loving a girl’. It explores many events which occurs before, in and after love. There are some beautiful, subtle moments of tenderness (Aadhi and Thaara) as well some heart-rending moments (Ganapathi and Bhavani). The depth of relationship is beautifully displayed.

Thaara ‘En mele akkara irukku'na akkara irukku'nu nera sollu, en saththam podrean?’

Each and every song is placed perfectly. Perfectly means ‘at ultimate timing’. I don’t remember watching a movie which used music tracks this well. How was that ‘Kaara aattakaara…’? Electrifying. Pure blue sky with no distraction – as the camera tilts down the song starts slowly ‘Mawlaya Salli Wassalim da-Iman Abadan Ala Habi Bika Khairil Khalqi Kullimi’. That was awesome. The feel it creates suddenly jumping from a romantic part is magic. Nobody would have done that other than Mani Ratnam. This one is the best one I've seen in a long time.

The musical score in the movie must be done by an angel for making this movie more beautiful. Don’t believe? Just check the third train sequence in the movie –

Aadhi ‘Manasu maarrathukku munnaadi unnai hostel’a poyi serkkanum’
Thaara ‘Manasu maaritta?’
Aadhi ‘Katti pudichikkuvean’
  • -        Here starts ‘Naane varugirean’ (Oh My God!!!)
Thaara ‘Pudichitta?’
Aadhi ‘Vidamaattean’
Thaara ‘Appram?’
Aadhi ‘Azhuththi muththam koduppean’
  • -        The song ‘Naane Varuginaen… Kellamal Tharigiraen Kan Theendi Urigiraen Kai Theendi Karaikiraen…
  • -        Jumps to ‘Chinnanjiru Chinnajiru Ragasiyamae, Chinnanjiru Chinnajiru Athisayamae, Chinnanjiru Viral Kodu, Chinnanjiru Chinnajiru Idam Kodu, Chinnanjiru Aasaikku Poi Solla Theriyaadhae

O Kadhal Kanmani is a film that contains few of the most realistic portrayals of what love is like in real life and is uniquely filmed. This movie has created another door of romance genre, like Alaipayuthey. You're lucky if once in two or three years you find a pleasant movie like this one that has you cheering as you walk out of the theater.

Real ‘I Miss You’ occurs when you miss somebody who you love more than yourself. Thaara misses Aadhi when she finds he is not there in their ‘paradise’. The subsequent scenes are magically realistic. We can see her tension, her tears, her love.

Thaara ‘Enge ponean? – En ethuvum sollikkaama ponean?’

Oftentimes we say goodbye to the person we love without wanting to. Thaara finds Aadhi follow her all the way and when they re-unite we see love and happiness in her eyes knowing Aadhi too loves her. This feels straight from the heart and relative to almost any audience.

'Malargal Kettean Vaname Thandhanai
Thanneer Kettean Amirtham Thandhanai'

Bhavani ‘Veettukku vazhi theriyal’a’

Heart-touching. A drop of tear, from my eyes. It's not very often that a film brings a tear to my eyes, especially when it's a storyline without any twist and turns. The film also perfectly captures that ‘first love’ feeling of being on cloud nine.

'Mel Isaiyaai, Men Siragaai
Kadhal Vazhiyidhe
Porkkanamaai Arpputhamaai
Kaattru Veliyidhey’

Thaara at Aadhi office in red, just after the game intro. Her beautiful smile, watching Aadhi, with love and pain inside. That’s when we fall in love with Thaara, Nithya.

‘Chinnanjiru Chinnajiru Ragasiyamae
Chinnanjiru Chinnajiru Athisayamae
Chinnanjiru Viral Kodu
Chinnanjiru Chinnajiru Idam Kodu
Chinnanjiru Aasaikku Poi Solla Theriyaadhae’

Thaara ‘Nee konjam naalile enna vittittu porean – nee dance aadittirukkean - enakku mattum en ezhavu veettile pona maathiri!’

Why am I afraid to lose you when you're not even mine.

The most romantic part of OK Kanmani isn't the bike ride nor the romantic song sequences of Aadhi (Dulquer) and Thaara (Nithya) but it’s the small part of the movie about Ganapathi Uncle (Prakashraj) and Bhavani Aunty (Leela Samson). That very part of this movie looks like a sequence to Maniratnam – AR Rahman – PC Sreeram’s previous collaboration – the classic ‘Alaipayuthey’.

‘Snehidhane Snehidhane Ragasiya Snehidhane
Chinna Chinnadhaay Korikkaigal Sevikodu Snehidhane
Idhe Azhuththam Azhuththam Idhe Anaippu Anaippu
Vaazhvin Ellai Varai Vaendum Vaendum’

How it will be to revisit a place where you been with your lost love and dreamed of a future together? Watching OK Kanmani was like that for me. I was enjoying the movie with a pain inside. It was a different feeling. I was enjoying the pain and the ‘I miss you’ feel. If I could have one lifetime wish I'd pray with all my heart, for yesterday! No matter how many times I try and move on, my heart always takes me back to the place where we were together.

Ganapathi ‘Romba santhosham vanthaalum thookkam varaathu, sankadam vanthaalum appidi thaan’

Things will never be the same again from the moment you fall in love. Love changes you and all your life for the better. OK Kanmani is a fascinating not-to-be-missed romantic journey arranged by A.R. Rahman and Mani Ratnam.

Thaara ‘Unnale avara maathiri irukka mudiyuma?’
Aadhi ‘Mudiyum’
Thaara ‘Enakku vayasaayi naan Bhavani aunty maathiri aayittena?’
Aadhi ‘Naan paarthukkuvean’
Thaara ‘Paarthukk’viya?’
Aadhi ‘Mmm’
Thaara ‘Nee enna solrean?’
Aadhi ‘Ennai vittittu pokathe’nu solrean… Nee Paris po, keeris po… ennai kalyanam pannittu po’nu solrean’

Time goes by, life goes on, and all I can think of is why you're gone.


  1. wish you wrote one more post on the dialogue in the movie! It is really amazing how Mani is able to capture the nuances of the Tamil language and yet match it to meet contemporary audience's taste. I mean, the entire train scene before "chinnajiru ragasiyame" is foreplay in Tamil! and who can forget "aasai kothamalli"? And what about "neenga mattum kanna moodittu paatta ketteenga, ganapathy?" He really brought romance in tamil to another level in this movie. (wish mr gautham menon would try more romance in tamil in his movies. i find his romance scenes always slanted to i-am-translating-my-thoughts-from-english-to-tamil).

  2. We said. True. :) I was not able to remember dialogues exactly so didnt do it.

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  4. So beautifully written. I liked the movie, but hadn't give it so much thought. But now in hindsight, it is true that the story been etched so well. I also liked the Tamil in the movie, as in one of the comments above. As much as I enjoy GVM's English, I think this is more us...

    Your description was straight out of the heart, wasn't it? I had a tear by the time I came to the end of it.

    Wishing you well...


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