O’ girl with the beautiful eyes, who are you? Are you a mirage? : My Comedy of Errors

O’ girl with the beautiful eyes, who are you? Are you a mirage?

You have come to me from somewhere unknown,
I never attempted to know,
All I want to know was your language,
To know you better.

With a loving heart, a beautiful smile
I don’t dare to write how beautiful you look; to me
This is the beauty which I feel to respect?
This is the beauty which I want to fall in love?

I say it again you are beautiful, like a beautiful picture.

So magical things you've made to me,
You are an angel sent from heaven, I believe.
Love you more than what I could show -
Only to say you, how much I will be missing you

I never want to see you,
Not because I don’t want to, but
I might fall in love,
I might fall deep.

Sometimes, the distance is beautiful
Like the beautiful rainbow, like the beautiful moon
Like the beautiful sun, like the beautiful sky
And I love this beautiful distance.

I don't know why you are so sweet,
I don’t know why you look beautiful to me,
I don’t know the meaning of this love,
I don’t know why I don’t want to see.

Every time I look at your image,
A sparkle comes from your eyes,
It makes me blind,
Nothing I can, compare to your eyes.

Sometimes, I wish I could fly,
So I can reach the sky and look at you,
From far more distance,
I can see a beauty in it.

Love and God are two similar words,
We can define as our own,
Nothing completes their meaning,
I am defining a completely new ‘Love’.

If I ever I could be anything,
I will wish to be myself, so
That you will be there again,
That you will be ‘you’ again.

When I say, I love you,
I am having a meaning of its own,
It just means ‘I miss you’,
It just means, ‘I will miss you’.

One day I will wake up,
Just to know, nobody is there
Just to know, nobody was there
Just to know, I never owned you to miss you.