My take on Vishwaroopam: An extraordinary action thriller — riveting, involving and challenging.

Vishwaroopam is the first part of a long story. Many movies come out each year and we applaud them for their performance, script, SFX, music etc... But this one is rare. A must watch. A film which takes Tamil / Indian film to another level.

Plot: Terrorism. Mentioning anything here will be a spoiler anyway first few minutes of the movie raises two questions who is Vishwanathan (Kamal) and why Omar (Rahul Bose) is so bothered about him. The story slowly opens to reveal more about Vishwanathan and Omar. The film shows the training (Afghan) and operation (USA) of terrorists in detail.
Performance: Kamal as film-maker overshadows Kamal as an actor. The role Kamal did is something like drawing a random line for him, he does it effortlessly. It is Rahul Bose’s performance which stands high among all. Amazing. He is fantastic as Omar. Check his body language and eyes at Afghan episode, really impressive. Nothing much to talk about others.
 Shankar Ehsaan Loy's songs and bgm are excellent and sucks viewers to the mood of the film well. Don't miss to take notice of the lyrics. Eg: 'Nam nooikku anbandri vaeru marunthillai...'. Sanu Varghese’s camera is something that should not be missed at any point of time to mention. Editing is great and the music is fitting without being too major. The movie's action sequences are spectacularly well created and very intense. Overall special effects can match any Hollywood film of any budget.

Script and Direction: Concept of filming out of sequence, with mix of flash-back is not new in Indian films but works well and better here. It takes some time to suck you in but once the ride kick starts you hardly get time to think about anything else. His vision is so majestic and out of the box. Kamal Haasan has convinced me that he is one of the most important directors out there in this world.
Vishwaroopam is a reminder that great direction can boost your theater experience even with an already heard story. It is brilliant film-making. This film will leave its own souvenir on your mind, and you'll have a hard time forgetting the thrill you had in the theater.
Impressed with:
  • The title itself and the reason behind it.
  • The title card.
  • Interrogation scene of Ashmita (Andrea) and Nirupama.
Dialogues. - (Note: Give more concentration when it involves Kamal's character)
 >> A scene:
   Nirupama: Our God have four hands.
   Cop: FOUR hands!!... ha.. then how do you crucify your God?
   Nirupama: We don't crucify our God.

  • The scene in which the theme music (Vishwaroopam...) is introduced. (The scene will give you an electrifying effect. Bet.)
  • The whole Afghan episode.
  • Swing - scene. (Afghan)
  • The way the song 'Anu vithaitha bhomiyilae...' is used.
  • Use of  two sided statue.
* Concentrate on the background images, things, TV programs running etc... Eg: The hoardings. Note: This is a Kamal Haasan film.
Characterization of Nirupama. The character shown as an emotional girl lacks any emotion.
Tamil diction of Nirupama!. I wonder why Kamal uses an alien slang for female characters in most of his movies. Eg.: Anbe Sivam, Manmadhan Ambu, Dashavatharam…
Rahul Bose's 'traditional 100 year old villain' get-up in the US scenes.
* Of-course Kamal has taken the cinematic freedom here and there.
* Incidents are not credible enough considering the conspiracy theories available out there.
Vishwaroopam is thrilling, interesting, and will satisfy your expectations. I had extremely high expectations and it delivered. It is not a perfect film, but it is a perfect example of good film-making. Vishwaroopam is an alluring experience we do not often come across at the movies from an Indian maker.Do you have experience in watching serious Hollywood action thrillers? Then I think you will enjoy this excellently crafted film too.
My Rating: 4/5 (Reason why it is not 4.5 will become spoilers).
Note: Terrorism is shown with needed intense and detailing - with no sides taken at any point of time.
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