We Will Reborn To Fall In Love Again

 We Will Reborn To Fall In Love Again. - Poem

There... sun rise above the mountain.
I saw your soul, so pure,
I could not help, but fall madly in love.
You are an angel to me.

I am soul-less,
Words are coming like it is from a poet,
Or is it like it is from a mad man?
May be, you stole my heart and I became mad.

Loving you, is all I want to do,
A world full of your dreams,
A world full of your thoughts,
A world with you.

The way millions of poet wrote,
The words billions of poems have,
'I too misses a heartbeat,
Every time I see your eyes'.

You're everything to me,
Faith and truth,
Happiness and inspiration,
And that's how it's always gonna be.

The moment you smile at me,
The moon-light from your eyes,
With the brightness from your beautiful face,
You make me feel eternity.

Sun set, out here... inside the sea.
Looking up the sky, moon, stars,
I wish with all my heart, to all my Gods,
Hoping someday, we'll be side-by-side!

We live to love more and more,
And we will grow together.
We will die together,
And we will reborn to fall in love again.

 - That way & like That.


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