Two Scenes From My Life - In search of an entry

In Search of an Entry
All characters mentioned in this work are real. Any resemblance to real persons is purely intentional. Dialogues are changed (as little as possible) to suit A,B and C, also to feel Thrill, Comedy and Drama.

Scene 1

Actor 1 'Script is good'
Me 'Thank You'
Actor 1 'But it is very A centric, there is nothing for B and C centers.'
Me 'There are... the usual five songs and as usual at the end the hero will win'
Actor 1 'B and C need comedy and some relaxed scenes'
Me 'There are many examples, Yudham Sei, Anjathey, Kakka Kakka'
Actor 1 'Trend is different now, only horror and comedy works now'
Me 'Suspense thrillers always have a market'
Actor 1 'Yes, true that suspense thrillers have a market of  its own but those movies are directed by big names. (After a moment of silence) We will do this... don't worry, try to add a character for Thambi Ramaiya or Soori'
Me 'Ok'
Actor 1 'There is no jodi for the hero right?, add one more female character for songs'
Me 'Ok'
Actor 1 'So drop me a call after changing the script, we will do this. Don't worry'
Me 'I will get an entry if I am saying yes to these but it will become one among your 25-30 movies. If you are saying yes to this as it is, it will be a total make-over for you'

The actor ended the meeting.

Scene 2

Producer 'Impressive story'
Me 'Thank you Sir'
Producer 'I love people like you with different tastes'
Me 'Thank you Sir'
Producer 'The interval twist is very good'
Me 'Thank you Sir'
Producer 'Add one or two scenes for comedy, the film will be perfect'
Me 'Sir?'
Producer 'We will talk to Thambi Ramaiya. He is having good market now. His latest Thani Oruvan is also a hit'
Me 'Sir'
Producer 'The villain character have only two scenes right? Increase that, add two or three scenes more'
Me 'Sir'
Producer 'Hero doesn't have a song right?'
Me 'Yes there is Sir'
Producer 'There is no dance numbers right?'
Me 'No Sir'
Producer 'Add one dance song for the hero'
Me 'Sir'
Producer 'What about changing that sister character to wife?'
Me 'Perfect Sir'
Producer 'Thats all. It is impressive. Wonderful'
Me 'Thank you Sir'

I ended the meeting.


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