The Aborted "Jananam", Rough-Cut Trailer of My Unfinished Indie Film

The independent film was started in March 2013 with the help of friends and was funded by the people involved in it.

The budget we planned to finish the project was eight lakhs but we couldn't find the source post three and half lakhs and eventually the project got dropped two years after its commencement. Few people worked very hard together and made it reach near to our dream. Special thanks to Arjun Masthi, Prabhath, Rajesh Panangatt, Assisi Gibson, S. Sreerag, Khais, Sajin, Dinoy for the immense support. The basic plot was inspired from various news reports on illegal medical testing in various countries. I finished the first draft in 2012, and later developed the script with C. Saravanakarthikeyan. Special help from Suhansid Srikanth too.

While scripting, I referred movies such as David Fincher's Se7en and V for Vendetta. Se7en is a movie which never fail to teach me something new, it is such an inspiring film for me. There are more than few shots in script were you can find traces of Se7en, especially in the interior scenes with dead bodies.

I don't have any plan to revive this film but I might re-write the plot later as another script. This script looks average when I read now. It is always like that. I never liked my own old scripts. It gets outdated soon. Anyway, this is the first 90+page script I finished writing. The whole two years was another chapter in the course of learning film making. I will publish the whole script at some point of time in the near future.

Here is the rough-cut trailer of the film, 'aborted' Jananam :)


  1. Really .. buddy u have talent.. don’t stop dreaming .. tell me if you want to start


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