Unexplained unexplainable state of mind. #Notes.

‘Just watch the body, the mind. They are not yo.u, you are the watcher.’ - Osho

I believe, everybody in the world is supernatural and so, it is natural. As per wiki, a psychic person is who have a ‘power or uncontrollable power’ to pick out ‘things’ secreted from the normal-standard senses.
I feel we have to start to believe the ‘gut feeling’ more, it have the power to show the future, it always gives a warning, it sometimes communicate through our dreams. Have you ever waked up at a time you thought at the time of your sleep, without the help of any alarms? Yes, I had and I know hundreds of people who had experienced the same. Many a time I used to wake up just before the alarm sound. The repeated mantra of us, ‘should wake up at 5’ works the magic for us. We never need an alarm to wake-up if the time is fixed in our mind, if it is there as a mantra. How is it possible? What’s the logic in it? Do our unconscious minds have consciousness? I believe, yes they have. Somewhere I had read a sentence similar to this, ‘The unconscious mind knows everything’. Qns? Have you ever had a feeling that you experienced something before, but you're really just experiencing that thing now? Why is that? Is that because we had experienced the same in our subconscious mind or in our unconscious stage?
How all these things are possible? There are a lot of questions coming to my mind; I just don’t look for answers but looking for explanations which can point to an answer.
Do we all have super-natural power?
Can we talk with another person knowingly within our control, through mind?
Can we talk with a dead person?
Can we talk with a soul?
In an unbelievable story which I heard through a friend, that one of his known person can easily talk with a dead person, and that he used to sit in cemetery to talk with them. And in a rather shocking story, heard about a person who used to say that he can have sexual relation with another person through his mind alone with no physical touch!!! The same person is said to have talked with a lady within few hours of her suicide.

‘Meditation is not focusing your mind on something, it is emptying your mind of everything — your Gods included.’ - Osho

Most of the time we begin with a negative thought hence creating a negative energy towards the very same, I have a ‘gut feeling’ that if we can create positive energy with zero negative thoughts, and the very thought will ‘happen or can be achieved’.
The trailer of a Tamil film, 7am Arivu / 7th Sense reminded me of a line a known psychiatrist told me few years back, ‘A person can control another person if the first person can control his own vibration / wave length to change to same as of the second person’s’.
A friend of mine told me a story about his friend, who can control another person by simply staring at them, but he himself revealed that what he is doing is against the power and is punishable, and that he will soon get the ‘karma’.
‘Read Job 34:14,15 and Job 27:3—there’s a number of verses that deal with the subject of death that make it very clear that the dead don’t know anything; that we’re not supposed to be talking to them’ - Pastor Doug
Did ever somebody answered a question that you were about to ask? Did ever received a call from somebody you were expecting just when you pick the phone? These are few instants which would have happened to many. This is called as Telepathy, process of passing information from a mind to another mind. Telepathy is a form of ESP (Extrasensory Perception), there are two more different forms of ESP, Clairvoyance (When a news or warning comes to a mind from nowhere) and Precognition (News or warning coming through dreams).
What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds’. - Wayne Dyer
All such incidents happens when our mind is away from any thoughts, thinking is human made, thinking includes the influence of outer world, Telepathy or clairvoyance happens only when we are in a very relaxed mind, mainly when in unconscious mind. It is said, that we can attain such a stage through practicing. ‘Single pointed concentrated consciousness’ is said to be one of the best for practicing. E.g.: Concentrating our mind and eyes to one point, such as a dark dot in a white background.
Studies had proved that every normal person can see 0.2 seconds of our future, that’s the very reason we react to a certain things. It is also said that practicing can show you the future more and more clearly, 0.2, 0.12, 0.24, 1.44… Everything about our life, our past, our future and everything is there in our subconscious mind. Few people don’t realize that, few people don’t understand that, few people don’t control that, few people grasp that, few people discover that and few people experience that. It is said that majority of human don’t use more than 10% of mind power, many a reports states that ESP power comes when we start using the balance parts of mind.

‘Conscious mind is very small: one-tenth of the Unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is nine times bigger. Nine times more powerful. And it knows no reason.’ - Osho 
It is said that ‘Sprinkled consciousness can never create power’ why is that? As per parapsychologists brain is more energetic when it is less active, that’s the very reason every such instinct happens when in relaxed state.
‘To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.’ 
J. Krishnamurti
‘I found that when you start thinking and saying what you really want then your mind automatically shifts and pulls you in that direction.’ 
Jim Rohn

Reported real life Incidents:
Sami, Madison, WI USA “I have a strange connection with my boyfriend. We live 72 miles apart, so we spend a lot of time talking on the phone. 8 times out of 10, I can predict exactly what position he is sitting in, even when he decides to be funny and make it complicated. At the same rate, I'm able to tell him what shirt, jeans, and color undershirt he is wearing. Frequently, I will call him as he's calling me.”

Incomplete notes - I don't know an answer to any of the above questions, I know that there is no answer but only few guesses.
This is an illusion created by A.Kitaoka in 2004. 


  1. Very encouraging read indeed... I've heard that SubConscious mind is very powerful....

  2. Awesome read! Very interesting topic.. these things happen with me too.. i wondered a lot.. till now! :)

  3. It happens, and few of the guys I had discussion with says they know a person who have such a power, is trying to meet such a person personally. Will update soon.


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