A Long Distance Friend - about my dearest friend,.

A Long Distance Friend..

'There was something special about you..'

You taught me many thing new..
Your words for common became
Personal advices for me..
You came to me.. just when..
Just when I needed you most..
Since then..
you were always there..

'I felt I wanted talk to you without end..'

Even if you are not with me.. I Know,
A friend like you will be there for me day after day..

Within such a short period.,
Your words and companionship..,
Had made me happy and thoughtful.
Had made me cool and helpful.

I wonder.. did I ever cried for you? No,
I wonder.. did I ever lied to you? No,
I wonder.. did I ever smiled for you? yes.
This friendship was too short for me to learn acting..
And thank lord, I was very myself to you..

'We are still friends and I.., I will remain as the same.'

Now, all I feel to say is that..
I miss you my friend,
And .. I will miss you.

I wanted to let you know I'm waiting and will wait.
And at last .. I love these above words.
Not because.. I wrote those.. but because its about you.
' I come from far... and going far..'


  1. *applauds*.. more beautiful words from one f the awesomest persons on this earth..m respecting him a lot now..
    this one poem is a lovely creation by you dear...my happiness knows no bounds r8 now..as i think i knw the person for whom u wrote dis..!! :):):)all d best!!

  2. It took only very few minutes for me to write.. it came all of a sudden..
    Hardly 3 or 4 days of friendship, and hardly took 4 or 5 minutes for this article.
    I respect the mentioned friend, far too much..


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