Devasuram (Malayalam): Great script, spectacular performance, a masterpiece.

Movie: Devasuram
Director: I V Sasi
Writer: Ranjith
Release: 1993
Actors: Mohanlal, Napoleon, Revathi, Nedumudi Venu, Innocent
Music: MG Radhakrishnan
Plot: The enmity between Mangalassery Neelakantan and Mundakkal Shekaran. Neelakantan is the successor to the very popular and powerful Mangalasserry family who lavish his ancestor’s wealth. But still he has a group of friends and loved by those who knows him well.
Mangalassery Neelakantan, the name itself says more than any review for a person from Kerala, such was the popularity of the movie and character.

Performance:  Mohanlal, India’s answer to Marlon Brando and he does not need an introduction to talk about his performance on screen. His face expression and eye contact when Bhanumathi (Revathi) curses him for the forcing her to dance in front of him instead of temple. Great. One of the most powerful and inspiring performance by Mohanlal.
Napoleon as Sekharan is effective. Innocent and Revathi are at their very best.

Highlight of the movie other than script and performance is the music by MG Radhakrishnan.
Hard to find words to praise the songs of the movie. Songs with classical touch is very refreshing even to listen now, after 18 years of its original release.
I rate ‘Sooryakireedam… ‘song as one of the top 10 greatest Malayalam song of all time.  Excellent. Vande Mukunda hare… comes like a cool breeze.. awesome.
The movie is about ‘Karma’ of a person. In Hinduism, Buddhism etc.., ‘Karma’ is `for each and every episode that take place, nearby will pursue another incident whose subsistence will be based by the former’. The whole story revolves around Neelakantan's acts, what ever happening in the second half is just opposite to the first, not only for Neelakantan but for Bhanumathi, Nepolean and everybody.