Dil Se: A film by incredible Maniratnam.

Mid night.
A talkative young guy in a railway station.
A mysterious girl sitting alone.
He tries to talk to her.
Before he could come back after getting a cup of tea, she leaves the station.
‘Oye…. ‘He tries to get her attention once again from a distance.
The young guy to himself: ‘Duniya ki sabse choti prem kahani hogi’
(This must be the world’s shortest love story)

Movie: Dil Se
Language: Hindi, India
Director: Maniratnam
Music: A R Rahman
Cinematography: Santhosh Sivan

Maniratnam, the director of Indian Classics like Roja, Anjali, Nayakan, Dalapathi, Bombay, Iruvar and Geethanjali, His first Direct Hindi movie. Team up with his favorite A R Rahman and Santosh Sivan. The result is another classic. The movie became the first Indian movie to enter the Top 10 in the UK box office chart. But was a failure in India in particular in Hindi speaking area where Shahrukh Khan was enjoying super star status, and fans was not so much satisfied with the Tragedy ending. And now around 12 Years later the movie has a classic status among the fans and critics, with a tag – Way ahead of its time. It always happened for Maniratnam movies, his movies are ahead of its time.

Plot: Amar, an employer with Indian news radio, meets an attractive mysterious woman at an isolated railway station and then they meet again and again. He falls in love with her but the woman rejects and leaves him. Heartbroken and under pressure from his family, he agrees to marry another woman. But suddenly the strange woman is back and with more secrets in her eyes, Amar’s life is upside down now!
Near the end of the movie Amar whispers "If you won't come with me, take me with you".
Maniratnam, the Master Story teller had narrated the story at the best possible away. As usual for Maniratnam, with lot of heart touching dialogs filled.
AR Rahman? Sheer magic! When this album released in 1998, it thrilled and electrified the subcontinent with its techno-heavy percussive beats, tempo and fashion. Chayya chayya… (On the top of a train song) was featured in the top 10 songs of all-time, in an international poll conducted by BBC World Service. AR Rahman’s music is the heart of the movie. The highlight of the movie, without doubt is the crystal clear, highly techno sound quality, watch the movie in Digital Dolby Theatre or 5.1 systems to enjoy the movie well.
‘Chaiya Chaiya..’ and ‘Dil Se’ are two of the most satisfying songs ever framed for a Hindi movie. Hats of Maniratnam, Santhosh Sivan, A R Rahman, Shahrukh, Mallika and Farha Khan.
• Background track when he takes the interview with civilians is stunning.
• Chayya Chayya… bits used as background score whenever Amar meet Meghna in early part of the movie is excellent.
• The background score of ‘Ye ajnabee..’ is so relaxing and touching.
Santosh Sivan's cinematography was just eye-catching and has a timeless beauty. The best I had seen in any Hindi language movie,  is astounding and dazzling.
Performance: Shahrukh Khan, this is his best performance till date, his most proficient and sensible performance. His performance is strong, humorous, susceptible, realistic and persuasive. His performance is top class and we can actually sense the pain he is having. Manisha Koirala without doubt is one of the most skilled actress from India. I really waited for a small smile from her to Shahrukh Khan and we smile along with her. Maghna, a girl who lost faith in everything. There is a scene where Manisha acts to cry and couldn’t able get the tears out. She is just amazing.
Dil Se is not a film you will forget easily. The movie will get closer to our heart with the second viewing.
Minus: Amar always talks about his love towards Meghna, but his love at first sight is not convincing enough and felt just like an obsession. And the last bomb blasts look very artificial and comical. I wonder how a movie a technically gorgeous movie (Dil Se re... song) had a bomb blast in the last minute fell flat.
Why was Dil Se a 'flop' in India? This is not surprising as it was not a typical Bollywood film, not at all. The color of the movie itself is different unless like usual Shahrukh movies with rainbow color dresses etc. This was and is different. Will remain as one of the best Hindi movies ever made. And more over so called Bollywood was never good with tragic movies.
Overall: This is a marvelous movie, is poetry on big screen, beautiful picture written by the master of the game – Maniratnam. The movie is dazzling and daring and in many ways this is an outstanding film. Incredible Maniratnam, as like all the great directors of all time Maniratnam also shows the beauty of silence and whispering. There are more than a few eye-catching and ear soothing moments.
‘Don’t come with me, if you don’t want to.. but take me with you..’

A movie directed by Incredible Maniratnam
Rating: 4.25 / 5